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Otherworldly Incantations Dice For the Dice Gods

Welcome! I’ve spent a couple years collating and cross-referencing 700+ free Dungeons & Dragons 5e tools and tips for Players and Dungeon Masters old and new alike. Many thanks to the parallel list projects I drew upon for this, linked in the “Similar Projects” section. This compendium has three sections: A for content useful to Players & Dungeon Masters alike, B for Players, and C for Dungeon Masters. Make sure to bookmark this page, and share it with friends!

I publish new posts every other Tuesday, with updates and D&D memes over on my site’s Facebook Page and Twitter. A big thanks to my Patrons on Patreon who keep this project running: Adam, Alexander, Anthony, Chris, Eric & Jones, Evan, Geoff, Jason, Rudy, and Tom! If you like this content, consider supporting it too, for as low as $2 per month! With more funding I can update this project more often.

4 June 2019 100% of all links should operate live, or else I’ve linked a working archive for dead links. If you find inoperable links, wish to suggest additions or edits, or want me to add or remove your content, feel free to comment or contact me as needed.

4 June 2019, v2.0 Moderate Update. Added 80+ links, parsed a couple mega-lists. Updated and re-organized sections as Tools and Tips. Added graphics. Checked all links.
27 November 2018, v1.5
– Massive Update. Added 300+ more links, parsed several mega-lists. Updated and expanded most sections, moved some things. Some of the adds: DndBeyond, Dnd Subreddit, DndNext subreddit, Orcpub, Unearthed Arcana. Updated Errata and Basic Rules to 2018 versions. Lots of material from the D&D Compendium.
21 November 2018, v1.1
Moved Monsters section to All, added a resource in it. Added a mapping tool. A few removals by request.
20 November 2018, v1.0
– First public version launched.
5 February 2017, v0.5
– First private draft completed.

Forthcoming – More content to sift through. Might split up “Worldbuilding” subsection. Will add “Terrain Craft” subsection. Lists to parse: The Rusty Battle Axe lists, The Complete Hippo, Worldbuilding Master Posts, more…

For usability, I split each section into two categories:
: more objective content: assets, compilations, generators, mods, rules references, visuals.
+Tips: more subjective content: advice, articles, guides.
Sometimes I drew somewhat arbitrary distinctions.


Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons 5e Books

Unearthed Arcana: Eberron Material
Unearthed Arcana: Mass Combat Rules
Unearthed Arcana: Modifying Classes
-Roguish Archetypes: Mastermind
Unearthed Arcana: Waterborne Adventures
Unearthed Arcana: Variant Rules
Unearthed Arcana: Modern Magic
Unearthed Arcana: Ranger Variant
Unearthed Arcana: Prestige Classes and Rune Magic
Unearthed Arcana: Light, Dark, Underdark! (updated in: Revised Class Options)
Unearthed Arcana: That Old Black Magic
Unearthed Arcana: Kits of Old (updated in: Revised Class Options)
Background: Haunted
Unearthed Arcana: Gothic Heroes
Adventure League: Curse of Strahd Backgrounds
Unearthed Arcana: Feats
Unearthed Arcana: The Faithful (updated in: Wizard Revisited)
Unearthed Arcana: The Ranger, Revised
Unearthed Arcana: Barbarian Primal Paths (updated in: Revised Subclasses)
Unearthed Arcana: Bard: Bard Colleges
Unearthed Arcana: Cleric Domains
Unearthed Arcana: Druids (updated in: Revised Class Options)
Unearthed Arcana: Fighter (updated in: Revised Subclasses)
Unearthed Arcana: Monk (updated in: Revised Subclasses)
Unearthed Arcana: Paladin (updated in: Revised Class Options)
Unearthed Arcana: Artificer
Unearthed Arcana: Ranger & Rogue
Unearthed Arcana: Sorcerer (updated in: Revised Subclasses)
Unearthed Arcana: Warlock & Wizard
Unearthed Arcana: Mass Combat
Unearthed Arcana: Mystic
Unearthed Arcana: Wizard Revisited
Unearthed Arcana: A Trio of Classes
Unearthed Arcana: Starter Spells
Unearthed Arcana: Downtime Rules
Unearthed Arcana: Feats for Skills
Unearthed Arcana: Feats for Races
Unearthed Arcana: Revised Subclasses
Unearthed Arcana: Revised Class Options
Unearthed Arcana: Greyhawk Initiative
Unearthed Arcana: Three-Pillar Experience
Unearthed Arcana: Eladrin & Gith
Unearthed Arcana: Fiendish Options
Unearthed Arcana: Elf Subraces
Unearthed Arcana: Three Subclasses
Unearthed Arcana: Into the Wild
Unearthed Arcana: Order Domain
Unearthed Arcana: Centaurs & Minotaurs
Unearthed Arcana: Giant Soul Sorcerer
Unearthed Arcana: Races of Eberron
Unearthed Arcana: Races of Ravnica

Unearthed Arcana: Encounter Building
Unearthed Arcana: Traps Revisited



Barbarian Tools & Tips:
Litherland’s “5 Tips For Playing Better Barbarians”
“The Gentleman’s Guide to Proper Barbarism” by Jell_Moo
-“Graceful Destruction: A Guide to the Dex Based Barbarian” by Yunru
-“I’ll NEVER Die!” by NeoSeraphi
D&D 5e Character Optimization – Barbarian” by Michael Long, NeoSeraphi, Jell_Moo

Bard Tools & Tips:
Litherland’s “5 Tips For Playing Better Bards”
-“A Party Without Music is Lame: A Bard Guide” by Mellored
-“Bardic Lore: A Basic College of Lore Bard Guide” by Zardnaar
-“Players Gonna Play” by EvilAnagram
“The College of Legendary Steeds” by Starstuff
Bard: u/Spyron10’s “Bard Insults: The Good, The Bad and the Absolutely Insane”
Bard: SebbenAndSebben’s Bard Insult Table

Cleric Tools & Tips:
Litherland’s “5 Tips For Playing Better Clerics”
-“For God and Party-A Cleric’s Guide” by DanMathMan
-“Celestial Link Evoking Radiance Into Creation” by Mellored
-“The Devout and the Dead, a Guide to Clerics” by Yorrin
-“Divine Tomfoolery- a Guide to Trickery Clerics” by Jumbowheat01

Druid Tools & Tips:
Litherland’s “5 Tips For Playing Better Druids”
-“Thy Fearful Symmetry: A Circle of the Moon Handbook” by RCanine
-“Lunar Wilds: A Moon Druid Animal Guide” by Yunru
-“5e Druid Handbook – Land & Moon” by Hymer
-“By Your Powers Combined: A Land Druid Handbook” by Chameleon-X
-“Irhtos Sauriv’s Guide to Front Line Druidism” by Tetrasodium
Druid: u/MarioInfinity’s Wild Shape Cards – All 124 Shapes

Fighter Tools & Tips:
Litherland’s “5 Tips For Playing Better Fighters”
-“Bow Bond: An Eldritch Knight’s Guide to Archery” by Mightythokk
“The Art of War: A Fighter Guide” by Koga395
-“Battle On: The Fighter Guide” by Gladius Legis
“Bellator Arcana – The Eldritch Knight Guide” by LightningArrow
-“An Illustrated Manual for Inflicting Violence” by EvilAnagram
-“Eldritch Knight Tactica” by Nightsteel
-“Optimized Polearm Master Fighter Template” by Mistwell

Monk Tools & Tips:
Litherland’s “5 Tips For Playing Better Monks”
-“Meditation, Mediation, Devastation: A Monk’s Guide” by Yunru
-“The Good the Bad and the Monk, a 5e Monk Guide” by EnderDwarf
“Avatar: The 4-Element Monk Mini-Guide” by ClockworkNinja

Paladin Tools & Tips:
Litherland’s “5 Tips For Playing Better Paladins”
-“Oathbound: The Paladin Guide” by Gadius Legis
-“My Word Is My Sword: The Paladin Guide” by Gladius Legis
“Good is Not Nice, A Paladin’s Guide” by EvilAnagram
-“5th Edition Paladin Through the Eyes of a 3.5 Player” by T.G. Oskar

Ranger Tools & Tips:
Litherland’s “5 Tips For Playing Better Rangers”
-“Not All Who Wander Are Lost, A Ranger’s Guide” by EvilAnagram
“Animal Buddy: A Guide to the Ranger’s Beast Companion” by Lord_Ventnor
“The Outdoorsman’s Guide to Natural Ranging” by dwgautier
-“Into the Woods We Go: The Ranger Guide” by Gladius Legis

Rogue Tools & Tips:
Litherland’s “5 Tips For Playing Better Rogues”
-“A Knife in the Dark – The Rogue’s Handbook” by clutchbone
-“I Fought the Law and Won: The Rogue Guide” by Gladius Legis
-“Person_Man’s 5E Rogue Guide by Person_Man
-“Starstuff’s Thief Guide” by Starstuff
-“A Thousand Lies and a Good Disguise” by Cuddlebot5000
-“Dealing Death: Handbook of the True Assassin” by Gladius Legi
Rogue: u/DreadClericWesley’s Thieves’ Cant Guide, Part 1
Rogue: u/DreadClericWesley’s Thieves’ Cant Guide, Part 2
Rogue: Gene’s Guide to Thieves’ Cant

Sorcerer Tools & Tips:
Litherland’s “5 Tips For Playing Better Sorcerers”
“Born to be Wild, a Sorcerer Guide” by Mellored
-“Power Overwhelming: A Sorcerer Guide” by RhaegarT
“Guide for the Optimized Sorcerer” by Sorxores
-“Playing Dice with the Universe: A Slant Guide to Wild-Magic Sorcerer” by Cognomen’s Cassowary
“Caster Unleashed” by Guru
“How to Rend Fiends and Immolate People” by EvilAnagram
-“Sorcery Guide Part 2″ by Qwertyazerty
Sorcerer: Traykon’s 10,000 Wild Magic Surges Table

Warlock Tools & Tips:
-“Pacts, Patrons and Power – A Warlock Guide” by Mellored
-“Pact-Making 101: A guide to the 5th edition Warlock” by Oncoming Storm
“Blade, Book, and Chain: A Warlock Guide” by Mephi1234
-“Selling your Soul at a Premium: The Warlock’s Guide to Power” by EvilAnagram
-“The (Un)Complete Warlock Guide to Multiclassing” by Asmotherion
-“If Only You Knew the Power: A Warlock Guide”

Wizard Tools & Tips:
Litherland’s “5 Tips For Playing Better Wizards”
-“Arrive on Time – A General Guide to Wizardry” by TheBigHouse
“Treantmonk’s Guide to Wizards 5e” by Treantmonklvl20
-“A Blast From the Past – Wizarding 101″ by Avalongod
-“Melee Bladesinger Guide” by Nadrigol
-“The Master of the Arcane” by rfkannen


Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons 5e Dungeon Master's Guide

Jamison’s Free 330 Page Gamemastering E-Book
Nerzugal’s Free 100 Page Dungeon Master Toolkit E-Book
-Ben’s “Grand Experiments: West Marches”
-u/silent0siris’ “West Marches Resources” Compilation

-SlyFlourish’s “Tools For New D&D Dungeon Masters”
-Springhole’s “Tips For New & Beginning Game Masters”
-Springhole’s “Ways to Reduce & Avoid Stress As A Game Master”
-Springhole’s “About Running a Roleplay
-Springhole’s “The Four Aspects of Running a Roleplay Campaign/Plot”
-Springhole’s “Basic Tips To Create & Run A Good RP Plot”
Nerdarchy’s “New DM Handbook: Starting Your Adventure” Article
-The Alexandrian’s “Gamemastery 101” Series
FamousHippo’s Complete GM Posting Series
Pro-Jared’s “How to be a Good DM” Video
-TheAngryGM’s “Up Your GMing Level” Series
-TheAngryGM’s “How to F-ing GM” Series
Official WOTC DndBeyond Dungeon Master Tips Series
-Ameron’s “Tips For Making Encounters More Interesting”
-EasyDamus’ “Are There ‘Real’ Alignments?”
-Spaghetti & RPGs’ “How to Create a Sandbox”
-Dan Harmon’s “Story Structure 101” Series
-Matt Colville’s “Running the Game” Series
-Matt Mercer’s GM Tips Video Series
Bon3zmann’s “How to Be a Great Game Master” Video Series
Tanz’ “The GM’s Ten Commandments”
Matt Colville’s Written Advice to New GMs
u/lowkeyoh’s “So You Want to DM: Advice For New Players”
GoblinsComic Dungeon Master Tips
Newbie DM’s 87 DM Tips
Kassoon Dungeon Master Lessons
u/Foofieboo’s “…Improving Setting Descriptions With Action Verbs”

-Chaotic Shiny Civilization Generator
-Donjon Fantasy World Generator
-The Book of Worlds – Worldbuilding Guide
Fantasy Scripts & Fonts List
u/OrkishBlade’s Stupidly-Quick City-Building
Myths, Creatures, and Folklore Index
BatInTheAttic’s 21-Part “How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox” Series
AutoRollTables – Factions, Food, Magic, Monsters, Wilderness Details Generators
GreenPilgrim’s Town Buildings List
Fantasy Calendar Generator
Atlas of the Planes 5e Archive
-ChaoticShiny’s Region & Culture Generators
-ChaoticShiny’s Factions & People Generators
-Dawn of Worlds Cooperative Fantasy World Creation

-Dael Kingsmill’s “Top Tip for Creating Towns/Cities/NPCs”
-My “The Ancients: Tips On Mythic Worldbuilding For Past Ages”
-Mythcreants’ Worldbuilding Articles
-HackSlashMaster’s D&D Monster Ecology Series
-Campaign Mastery’s Distilled Cultural Essence Series
MadDogOzie’s 1-2-3-4 Worldbuilding Method
-Springhole’s “Things To Know When Writing Historical Fiction & Fictional History”
-Springhole’s “Moral & Ethical System Development Questions”
-Springhole’s “Tips To Create Fictional Philosophies & Value Systems”
-Springhole’s “Advice & Tips On Developing Fictional Timelines & Histories”
-Springhole’s “Tips To Write & Create Better & More Believable Futures”
-Springhole’s “How To Create Fictional Structured Religions”
-Springhole’s “Factors That Contribute To Abusive & Dysfunctional Systems”
LostKingdom’s Magical Worldbuilding Series
LostKingdom’s Fantasy World Economics 101 Series
-My “Mythic Ecology” Worldbuilding Series
-u/nagonjin’s “‘Common Knowledge’ and what that means”

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