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D&D 5e Homebrew Theory & Content Each Tuesday



D&D technology

Homebrew fictional technology for many settings: Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalypse, and Sci-Fi. Some of the zaniest D&D technology you will ever encounter!


To stave off madness: writings on mental health resources, communication, consent, self-care, healthy gaming, and relationships.

land magic

Writings on historical magick, my D&D 5e Magic Lands System, and tropes on magic in fiction. Also, lots of worldbuilding for my Yridia Campaign Setting.

Otherworldly Incantations Dice For the Dice Gods

An ongoing D&D 5e Resource Compendium.

D&D class

D&D 5e homebrew backgrounds, classes, and dungeons.

Fiction Reviews, Fan Theories, Interviews

Homebrew D&D 5e mechanics and house rules, original or referenced.

homebrew D&D 5e mechanics

My reviews for content like video games, movies, and fiction books. Also features my fan theories, and interviews.

Otherworldly Incantations Barbarian Meme

 I post my original D&D memes every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Here’s the full archive!

fantastical landscapes and fantastical architecture

Fantastical architecture and landscapes. Condensed mental systems for worldbuilding fantasy spaces. Also featuring my terrain craft art for D&D.

D&D 5e homebrew monsters

Writings on monster mindsets and morphology, as well as monster cultures and monster ecology. Also, homebrew D&D 5e monsters.


Miscellaneous reflections and analysis, usually on game design.

mythology and worldbuilding and tropes

Writings on storytelling and worldbuilding. I explore my favorite genres, mythic lore, and theorize about dungeon cosmology. Also features worldbuilding for my Yridia Campaign Setting for D&D 5e.

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Otherworldly Incantations