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Otherworldly Incantations about bioWelcome, Outlander. They call me Tril of Yridia, your resident bardbarian blogger and lunatic word-alchemist, lover of eldritch prose and occult aesthetics, child of chaos and nature and all things weird.

I’ve dabbled in Dungeons & Dragons for more than half my life, and as a youth I spent thousands of gleeful hours on worldbuilding a homebrew campaign setting. Tragically, in 2008, I lost all my digital notes in a computer failure. The project lay dormant. Its loss haunting me. Nine years passed, then fortune called: I found a forgotten flash drive with a hidden archive of over 600 pages of my notes, art, maps, and sprites.

Reinvigorated, in 2017 my muse returned and I began scrawling notes at a furious pace, updating and merging content with a homebrew campaign I had DM’d as an adult. I already had some background in formal writing and editing, so I spent a year learning professional web design, dreaming I could one day make this project a reality. I began brainstorming and categorizing over 100 posts, with about a dozen already in progress. On September 4th, 2018, the time has come to bring this project to life!

Social Media:
Twitter – @Tril_of_Yridia
Reddit – /u/Tril_The_Yridian
Email – Tril [at]

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