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Concept Art From Disney's Atlantis The Lost Empire

The Ancients: Tips on Mythic Worldbuilding For Past Ages

Lost Worlds and Hidden Legacies. Ancient Ages and Entities. Prophecies and Relics. This week I want to delve into the mythology of “the Ancients”, an ancestral ur-myth common throughout cultures and fiction. A topic that fills the air with mystery and intrigue, wonder and excitement. So here’s a deep dive for all you worldbuilders, Dungeon Masters, and Game Masters developing fictional cultures. For all you players in tabletop RPGs like D&D and Pathfinder working on your character backstories. And for storytellers and mythology fans more generally too. Anyone building cultural backdrops and character backstories relating to an antique age, building either lore or plot. Check it out!

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Top 20 Elements of Evil Overlord Lairs

Otherworldly Incantations Evil Overlord Lairs

Evil. Overlord. Lairs. Happy Spooktober everyone! Following my post on Gritty Gaming, I’ve brewed up a nice little recipe for Dungeon Masters and worldbuilders who want to design the most dastardly of dungeons: an Evil Overlord Lair! And I’ve included some simple notes on narrative exposition and encounter ideas for each element too. With this I plan to kick off a periodic series on Villainry. Enjoy!

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